Video Baby Monitor, YABER Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio 1080P 5.5″ HD Display,250m Range,5000 mAh Battery,Infrared Night Vision,Two-Way Talk,Remote Pan & Tilt,Staeble Signal Reception



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YABER Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

baby monitorbaby monitor

YABER Video Baby Monitor IPC034 with 1080P 5.5″HD Display–Be Your Eyes to Full Care of Your Baby Anytime

Buckle up! The day of your child’s birth is a wild ride that features a bit of everything: tension, anticipation, sleep deprivation, delirious joy, friends, family, in-laws and sketchy hospital food. There is no moment that compares to holding your baby for the first time. You are relieved and overjoyed, yet feel the arrival of massive responsibility. You truly feel like an adult now. Try to be cool, calm and supportive throughout.

However, your energy is limited, and maybe you will be worried about them when you are busy with your working, and you also cannot enjoy your leisure time.

That is why our selection of baby monitors offers you the the possibility to release your anxiety and enjoy your leisure!

Our team of experts set out to design and create a baby monitor that addresses the needs of modern parents. Through relentless development, plenty of research and listening to the concerns of new parents, we now present an essential parenting tool – the YABER baby monitor. With a long-lasting 5000mAh battery, the highest so far, and a larger 5.5” 1080P IPS screen you will see everything in unprecedented clarity, from delicate movements to the softest breathing.

baby monitorbaby monitor

Get a Full View on your Baby

bsby monitorbsby monitor

baby monitorbaby monitor

Release Your Anxiety and Enjoy Your leisure

1080P HD Display

5.5″ Large Screen

5000mAh large Battey catacity

200m long Signal Range

Audio and Video Monitoring

Video Baby Monitor with Camera

Warm Tips For Better Use:

Silent environment to avoid other noise;
Pick a location( No dust, No direct sunlight) for the camera to best optimize the viewing area
Avoid the thick walls or obstacles to across between the camera and monitor;
Keep the monitor at least 3 feet away from router or other device that may interfere with the signal, as there may be a sound alert when the monitor is near.

With its range of up to 200m, the portable, battery powered parent unit enables you to keep a watchful eye on your little one, wherever you are in the house

More Functions for YABER Video Baby Monitor

two way talk

two way talk

two zoon

two zoon

Temperature monitoring

Temperature monitoring

Two Way Talk

The baby is happily playing with toys in the nursery. You can finally have time to rest, lie on the sofa and put on a mask comfortably. At the same time, you can also talk to your baby through our baby monitor,as if you are stay with him all the time.The baby can share his joy with you anytime too!

2 Times Zoom

A thousand new photos on your phone since birth. You’ll be glad you took every single one. Back ’em up before you run out of memory!

I believe that even if the baby is playing alone and you are cooking in the kitchen, you do not want to miss any details of the baby. 2 times magnification function, you can see any activities of your baby from a distance.

Temperature Monitoring

You agree to buy anything — swings, bassinets, rockers — that might make your baby sleep easier. Most of them won’t.

Sometimes babies cry only because the temperature in the room is too cold or too hot.

This temperature monitoring function help you give your baby a suitable temperature.









Alarm Reminder

Outside of work, everything you do will now be subject to interruption. Finishing a meal, seeing a movie all the way through or even making it out the door is an unexpected triumph.

What is even more annoying is that you, a new parent, don’t know if your child’s cry is hungry, sleepy, or it’s time to change diapers. The powerful timing function can more effectively help you understand your baby’s daily routine and needs.

5 lullabies

On his bad days your baby will cry nonstop, for no discernable reason (he’s fed; his diaper is clean; he appears comfortable) You each put hours into calming him, without result. You feel awful losing your temper on a 10-pound little human.

There is a song out there, whichever one it is for you, that will calm your screaming baby.We have 5 lullabies for your choise.

A Perfect Gift

The baby monitor greatly improves the freedom and flexibility of parents’ lives. With this device, parents can deal with other affairs in other rooms or even outdoor courtyards. At the same time, they know the child’s situation well, so they don’t have to worry about it all the time, making the baby monitor a good helper for the parents. In addition to being used for baby monitoring, baby monitors are also widely used for security protection in small places such as elderly care and supermarkets, offices, companies, schools, homes, and hospitals.

Super-easy Install

Totally hassle-free ‘Plug & Play’ set up. Your YABERBay camera and baby monitor are already paired when they arrive with you so you can start using the system straight away.

The camera can be wall mounted if required as it has recesses in the base for screw fixing so there’s no need to buy an additional camera bracket or holder.


Connect with up to 4 cameras

Connect with up to 4 cameras

You can add up to 4 cameras in alternate display mode to completely cover a room

Note: Additional cameras are not included in the standard scope of delivery.

Video Baby Monitor Camera

Battery Capacity

5000 mAh

Camera Resolution

1920 * 1080P

IR Range


Transmission Range

200m in the sight(without obstruction)

Power Supply

5V 1.5A

Pan & Tilt

Pan: 355° Tilt: 90°



【Stable Signal Reception】Video Baby Monitor delivers a rather smooth video via the 2.4GHz FHSS wireless technology,The most impressive of all is its 200m range,which makes it possible for you to always keep your little one in sight when you’re in the study room or the kitchen, and the privacy network connection is also 100% ensured.Gone are the days of silently tiptoeing into the nursery to peek on your napping baby,you may accidentally woke them up. YABER baby monitor can help you avoid that.
【5000mAh Large Capacity Battery 】We all know how annoying it is if the battery of screen wears out quickly.Considering our customer’s requirement of battery performanceSo we come with 5000mAh rechargable battery which is import form Japan.It means it can sit on your nightstand for up to 24 hours in the power-saving audio-only mode and up to 10 hours with the display screen constantly on.This video baby monitor provide you all-day monitor the status of your baby.
【Infrared Night Vision VOX Function】-This baby home security camera can automatically be converted into an infrared image by the ambient brightness,Our Baby monitor use 1920×1080P and 8 invisible infrared LED Lights,and it does not affect your baby’s sleep. The Vox function will activate an audible alarm. When the baby cries, it will automatically wake up the screen and notify you at the first time.
【Monitoring the Baby has Never Easier】-Do you think our baby monitor with camera and audio only have the above functions?Far more than that!More functions are:good range of up to 100-250m, temperature monitoring for baby monitors, wall mounting possible for baby monitors, intercom function, eco mode (baby monitor),2x zoom function,timer, 5 lullabies.While our baby monitor helps you take good care of your children, it also provide you with more free time and make your work easier!


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