Johnson’s Baby Shampoo sweet dreams, with relaxing essences NaturalCalm, lavender and manzanill, 500 ml



Johnson’s Baby Sweet Dreams Shampoo. If babies sleep well, their parents too. That’s why we designed Johnson’s Baby Sweet Dreams Baby Shampoo, clinically tested baby shampoo that will help your baby sleep better thanks to your natural calm essences. Moisten your baby’s hair with warm water, apply the Sweet Dreams Shampoo, rub until you get a soft foam and rinse. No More Crying Formula Hypoallergenic. Sulphate and colourant free shampoo How to use? Before going to bed, give your baby a bath with Johnson’s Baby Bath Sweet Dreams and Johnson’s Baby Sweet Dream Shampoo. Complement the routine with a gentle massage with Johnson’s Baby Cream Sweet Dreams and give your baby a moment of total relaxation. Welcome to the world of Johnson’s. We are proud that our products have been part of some of the most special moments in babies life for over 125 years, such as bubble baths and pineapple nights before sleep. From our liquid soaps and shampoos do not cry any more to our clinically proven mild oils and lotions, our products have contributed to creating bath time and sleep routines that delight the little ones at home. Buy our new baby product lines and rediscover the delicacy of formulas that have made us the brand for baby care that parents trust most. Washing machine and chamomile. Designed to reduce the risk of allergies 3-step bath routine, massage and relaxation time. Tested for over a week in babies over 7 months

JOHNSON’S Baby Sweet Dreams Shampoo, designed with the formula no more crying, as delicate to the eyes as the purest water: it achieves a rich foam that rinses with ease
It has been clinically proven that JOHNSON’S baby shampoo: sweet dreams help your baby sleep better, 3 step routine tested by child sleep experts


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