8Pcs Soft Books for Babies Cloth Book Baby Fabric Book My First Soft Baby Book Safe Non-Toxic Biteable Quiet Book Crinkle Book Best Gift Toys for Toddlers Early Education Intelligence Development



Product Description


My First Book

Babies Love Books

It is never too early to start reading to your child.: joy of reading is a lifetime gift!

Great for Visual Development,Sensory Skills and Catches Baby’s Attention

Best Education Toy

A wonderful way to stimulate important key skills, like language & reading skills, communication skills, imagination, sensory skills, Improve babies recognizing, learning, speaking, coordination skill by interact with parents.

Read With Your Babies

This love for reading will stimulate early learning and give your baby a flying start and will make your child ready for life.


8 Colorful Baby Cloth Soft Books

The bright colors and pictures will hold your baby’s attention even longer. Discovering new things is an adventure.

The baby soft book include -《Music》, 《Types of Car》, 《Animals》, 《Numerical Kingdom》,《Vegetables》,《Shape》, 《Ball Games》


Baby Friendly and Safe Cloth Books

Cloth books for babies are made of friendly cotton, polyester fiber, Which is light, non-toxic, durable, tear-resistant, anti-static, not easily deformed, washable and does not fade.

So baby is safe. And newborns babies can bites them freely with no harm.







Wonderful Sound Inside, Endless Fun with Babies

Soft baby books fill with PVC sound papers and crinkle paper, feels will be issued a plastic rustling of paper, attract your baby’s attention. Colours, textures and crinkle awaken baby’s senses and encourage exploration.


Soft baby book has a good workmanship and strict needle and thread sewing, it is not afraid of the baby tearing. And you can exercise your baby grasp, grip, knead, pinch and a series of motor skills.

Cloth books for babies will not break even if babies tear them into a ball for fun. Endless fun with crinkle book.

Soft and Washable

Bright Vibrant Colours. Easy to Wash. Repeated washing does not fade

Baby cloth book with lovely clear images ,introduces concepts like animals, musical, vegetables, fruit, numbers, balls, car and shape etc in a fun way. Let the baby immerse the ocean of knowledge freely. Stimulate baby’s sensory development.


Perfect Gift

This appealing series will entertain children while giving them a head start on learning. Whether the set is for your old grandson, niece, or your own baby, these 8 set of crinkle books are the best gifts that mom and dad can have for their baby. Our soft cloth books are one of the best gifts to lead your little sweet to the wonderful world of reading and give it a flying start!

【Satisfy Curiosity】The first baby book contains a variety of vivid images with vivid patterns and colors that are full of educational activities for children. 8 Set Soft Baby Books including animal world, number, vegetables, fruit, car, shape, ball and music. The first and last pages can rustle to draw the baby’s attention. Helps babies develop language, sense and recognize shape and color, and captures children’s imaginations
【Anti-tearing and washable】We are all aware that babies get to know the world by grasping, biting and chewing everything they can get their hands on. But don’t worry, our books are specially designed for strong seams to withstand all the pulling, tearing and chewing of babies and toddlers, and the color doesn’t fade when washed
【Perfect gift】The stuffed toy is suitable for babies from 6 months. Suitable for baby shower gifts, birthday gifts and early educational toys for children. Great for calming babies or as a sleep ritual. Children have a love of reading, it is a gift for life. Perfect for infants to toddlers. It gives your child endless hours of fun
【Increasing parent-child interaction】 This baby book can help you connect with your baby and read the books together. Discover the bright colors, textures and crackles and other surprises that are hidden in this baby book with your child. And the most important thing is that it’s really a wonderful way to promote key skills such as language and reading skills, communication, imagination and sensory skills


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